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Are you game for a fun family evening?

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Our Games:

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Ages 8+  |  2-5 Players  |  30 min

Lead an Indian kingdom in the 19th century to defeat the British colonisers before they can take over India. Build the strongest army to become the ruler of Bharat!

Shortcut Longcut

Ages 14+  |  3-10 Players  |  10-60 min

Desi humour in a competitive game for big groups! Guess others' locations from their Status Updates, then travel, take Shortcuts and Longcuts to reach with at least 1 more player!

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Chappal vs Cockroach

Ages 7+  |  2-10 Players  |  7 min

Bring life to your parties with this game of speed and reflexes. Be the fastest player to hit the Cockroach cards with a Chappal card of the same or higher strength number!

Changing the world one game at a time

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Free DIY Games

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Say a word and place your soldiers on its letters. Capture islands and earn the most points to win the Battle of Tharoor!

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Keep your tokens on other players' tokens to hide their corners. The player with the most visible corners in the end wins!

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