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   Dinosaur Cards
Ages 2-6 Years 
The best way to teach kids is through topics that they genuinely enjoy! Following this philosophy, we have made Jumbo sized Dinosaur cards which can be used to play 4 different games and do 12 learning activities. These also double up as Flash cards to learn the alphabet in a fun, phonetic way. The artwork is colourful and gets kids excited about the cards!

How to use:
As the mom of a 2 year old boy, I have built these cards to be usable in multiple ways in the development and play of toddlers. At 2 years, kids love to use them for colour sorting and shape sorting, as well as the concept of keeping cards in, out, above and below the box. Slowly, the toddlers start getting curious about the names of the dinosaurs as well as the letters written on the cards. Each day I let my son choose a dinosaur that he likes and tell him its name and the letter it starts with. At 3-4 years of age, when kids understand most letters, they enjoy playing the games and activities included in the pack. At 5-6 years of age, kids love to read the names of the dinosaurs and get a confidence boost by challenging their friends about dinosaurs. These tried and tested cards are a lovely gift for your child's early years!
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Includes real dinosaur names from A to Z. The artwork is colourful and child-friendly while being historically accurate in terms of body structure of the dinosaurs based on their fossils

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Fun way to learn alphabets, colours, counting, body parts, sounds, reading, sorting, matching and so much more! Play alone, with friends or with an adult.

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No sharp corners, no small choking hazard items. The cards are jumbo sized with safe non-toxic ink for little ones to hold, play and learn without worries!

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