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2-4 players | Ages 4+ to adult | 8-10 min.
Say a word to place your soldiers on its letters. Capture islands and win points in this fast and fun game!

From scrabble enthusiasts to kids learning spellings, this Free DIY game is loved by all.

Battle of Tharoor.jpg

Aim of the Game:

To get the most points and win the battle of Tharoor by capturing islands.


Components Required:

  1. Printout of the Tharoor Islands map (if you cannot take printout, see 'Play without Printout' section below)

  2. 20 'Soldier' dot printouts in each colour - 1 colour for each player

How to Play:

  1. The youngest player starts by saying a word. You may choose a category to make the game more interesting. Eg. Fruits, Countries, Authors etc.

  2. Note the first 6 letters of the word. Place your colour Soldiers on the grey dots of those letters on the map. If a letter appears twice, keep a Soldier only once.

  3. Going clockwise, each player now says a word which has not been said before. Place your colour Soldiers on the first 6 letters, and if there is already a Soldier on any letter, then replace it with your Soldier.

  4. The game continues till all 26 letters are taken.

Winner Determination:

The player with the most number of Soldiers on an island captures the island and gets the points mentioned on that island. If 2 or more players have equal number of soldiers, they split the points equally.The player with the most points wins the game.

Download Print-Ready Game Files:

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Play Without Printout:


If you cannot take a printout, don't worry. Just draw the islands of the map and write the letters on them! It's ok if the shape of your islands is not exactly like the map, as the shape won't matter much in the game. Next, make small circles of different colours and cut them out, or just use bindis of different colours/sizes! You can even use coins as circle Soldiers. Go ahead and enjoy the game!

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