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Mission Emission Rules | With Set Collection

Alternative Rule proposed by: Sidhant Chand

Play Mission Emission Base Game as per original rules, but with 1 extra rule:

Instead of playing a State Card in the centre Play Pile in your turn, you may choose to keep it in a 'Set Pile' in front of you. If you collect 3 cards of the same colour in your 'Set Pile' you get a Point Card of that colour!

Detailed Rules:

You can only keep cards of any 1 colour in your 'Set Pile' at a time. For example, if you have 2 yellow State Cards in your Set Pile, and want to keep a green card in this turn, the 2 yellow cards are discarded into the centre Play Pile by default (they cannot be used to compete in the round).

The other players can play the round as usual, with the highest card (or only card) getting the Point Card of the chosen Mission in that round.

The first player of a round cannot keep a card in the 'Set Pile'. You must choose a mission and play a State Card into the Play Pile.

If you collect 3 State Cards of a colour, immediately discard the 3 cards into the Play Pile, and pick the top-most Point Card of that colour from the Mission Pile. If the Mission Pile of that colour is already finished, you don't get a Point Card.

As soon as you keep the third State Card of a colour in your 'Set Pile', take the Point Card of that colour immediately, before the round ends. If a Mission Pile gets finished because of this, and that same Mission has been chosen in that round, then the winner of that round does not get a Point Card.

Through set collection, if you get a Forest, Energy or Water Point Card worth positive points, keep it in your 'pocket' to increase your total points. If you get a Smoke, Crowd or Garbage Point Card worth negative points, immediately give it to any opponent of your choice. They must keep it in their 'pocket' to reduce their total points.


To read official rules of the Mission Emission Base Game, check out our website:

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Mission Emission is a card game for 2-6 players aged 7+, in which you go on a mission to save India's States and Union Territories from Global warming. It is available for sale on Amazon India and Flipkart.

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