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Cutting Corners

2-6 players | Ages 4+ to adult | 8-10 min. Keep your tokens on other players' tokens to hide their corners. The player with the most visible corners in the end wins! Cutting Corners is a simple, yet profound Free DIY game for fun evenings with family and friends.

Download complete game files on the Nightingame website.

Aim of the Game:

To have the most corners of your colour visible at the end of the game.

Components Required:

Printout of 20 tokens of each colour (if you cannot take printout, see 'Play without Printout' section below)


Each player chooses 1 colour and takes 20 tokens of that colour.

How to Play:

  1. The youngest player starts by placing 1 token on the table.

  2. Going clockwise, each player now places 1 token of their colour on the table, such that it covers at least 1 previous token partially. You are not allowed to cover any token fully.

  3. The game continues till all 20 tokens of each player are placed.

Winner Determination:

Count the number of visible corners of each colour (if any part of a coloured triangle is visible, then the corner is considered visible). The player with the most visible corners wins the game.

Download print-ready game files on the Nightingame website.

Play Without Printout:

If you cannot take a printout, don't worry. Take an A4 sheet of paper and fold it in half. Fold in half 2 more times, then open it up and cut along the creases. You will get 8 rectangles. These are your tokens. Repeat this with a few more sheets of paper to get more tokens. Next, colour the corners of the rectangles such that you have 20 tokens of each colour (1 colour required for each player). You are now ready to play the game!

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