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  • Jay Gupta

Abstract Art by Jay Gupta

Theme: Mission Emission. Oh, no! Global Warming is attacking our delicate Earth! Will you go on a Mission to reduce Emissions and save Earth from the striking heat? This awe-inspiring abstract art by Jay Gupta is titled 'Striking Delicate'.

Keep playing, keep submitting, keep smiling :) Mission Emission is a card game for 2-6 players in which you go on a mission to save India's States and Union Territories from Global warming. Check out this game by Nightingame.

Nightingame is a Bangalore-based startup making Board games and Card games for fun evenings with family and friends. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook!

Submit your stories & art to, and get a chance to be featured on our website. Best submission of the week gets a shout out on our social media sites too!


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